The Post Graduate Diploma in Banking Services (PGDBS) would be a one-year program comprising of four trimesters of 13 weeks each. First three trimesters would be conducted on Campus. The fourth trimester would be devoted to internship to be pursued by the participant at a designated Branch of Axis Bank across the country.

Course Credits:- Credits have been assigned to each course based on the hours of study/learning and other associated activities like case studies, tutorial discussions, case-presentations, lectures, library work and practical-work in laboratories etc. The outline of the curriculum of the Program trimester-wise is given below.
First Trimester: Areas of learning covered will comprise of;Basics of Banking, IT in Banking, Business communication, Managerial Economics, Business Mathematics and Statistics, Accounting, General management 
Second Trimester: Areas of learning covered will comprise of; Banking and allied services, Banking environment, Advanced Business communication, Receipts and Payment systems, Lending
Third Trimester : Areas of learning covered will comprise of; Financial Planning, Foreign Exchange, Credit Risk management,  Retail banking, Treasury Management, Recovery Management, Business analytics 
Fourth Trimester: Learning will be on the job and will be in form of the Internship and Project work