Loan Facility
The candidate can choose to fund the course themselves.
The candidate can also choose to apply for the Education Loan from Axis Bank. Students interested in opting for the Education Loan from Axis Bank , may apply for the term sum figure for the three trimesters. Thus students can therefore obtain a high quality specialized course in Banking and Finance without any monetary burden on them and fully financed by the Bank.
Axis Bank Education Loan details for Axis Bank Young Bankers Program
Axis Young Bankers Program (ABYB) - Terms and conditions
Sr. No. Terms Details
1 Eligibility Student should be an Indian National &  has been selected under the Axis Young Bankers Program
2 Course Name Post Graduate Diploma in Banking Services 
3 Rate of Interest 12. 75% (Fixed rate)
4 Maximum Loan amount Upto Rs. 4 lakh (inclusive of course fees, GST)
5 Margin 5%
6 Processing Fees Nil
7 Other Charges A lumpsum amount of Rs. 2500/- will be collected towards out of pocket expenses like Stamp Duty / document Franking etc.
8 Penalty for early closure Nil
9 Prepayment Charges Nil
10 Charges for Late Payment Rs 500 + taxes per cheque bounce and a penal interest @24% per annum i.e. @ 2% per month on the overdue installment/s
11 Repayment Instruction/Instrument Return charges Rs.500 plus GST as applicable per instance
12 Repayment Interest servicing during the moratorium period. EMI repayment will start on completion of the moratorium period.
13 Mode of repayment Interest/EMI repayments will be recovered on a monthly basis from the stipend account based on the 'Standing Instruction' from the student.
14 Max. Moratorium period 18 months (ie, Course period + six months)
15 Maximum Repayment period 5 years (which starts after six months the candidate has joined active service with Axis Bank)                                                                        
16 Loan Disbursement As per fee payment schedule. The payment will be made directly to the institute.
17 Co-applicant N.A
18 Insurance On the loan amount availed. Separate cheque for insurance premium to be submitted.

Sanction and disbursal of loan will be subject to Bank's Loan policy. Your continuation in the ABYB Program and subsequent joining at Axis Bank Ltd will be subject to payment of fees payable to the university as per the schedule advised. In case the applicant’s loan request is declined, the applicant may arrange for the fee to be paid through other means within 15 days from the day the decision is conveyed to him/her. In case of failure of above terms, you will be required to discontinue the program.
Refund of the course fees will not be permissible under any circumstances by us.