Program Fees & Funding
To pursue this course the interested applicant will have to invest Rs 4,23,000 (Inclusive of GST and Refundable Hostel Security of Rs. 10000/-) . This amount will cover all tuition fee, boarding, lodging and Refundable Hostel security for the entire course at Manipal University Campus, Bangalore and Amity University, Noida .

Fees will be payable as per the payment schedule below.
Term Fees GST @ 18% Total Fees
Term 1 Rs. 1,20,000 Rs. 21,600 1,41,600
Term 2 Rs. 1,15,000 Rs. 20,700 1,35,700
Term 3 Rs. 1,15,000 Rs.  20,700 1,35,700
Total: Rs. 3,50,000 Rs. 63,000 Rs. 4,13,000

The candidate can choose to fund the course themselves.


The candidate can also choose to apply for the Education Loan / Any other loan, from any organization / Bank of his/her choice. Students interested in opting for the Education Loan from the Bank , may apply for the term sum figure for the three trimesters, but must pay the hostel security in Cash/ draft at the time of completing the joining formalities.