On successful completion of the course the student would be absorbed in the role of 'Customer Service Officer' at Assistant Manager in the Bank with a gross CTC (cost to company) of Rs. 4.12 lakhs per annum (This is inclusive of Loan benefits, Indicative Performance linked Bonus and Retirals). Breakup of the same is as shown below.

CTC Break-up Amount Amount (Per Month)
Fixed Gross CTC    Rs. 2,53,800/- Rs. 21,150/-
Retirals Rs. 27,612/- Rs. 2,301/-
Staff Loan Benefit Rs. 65,640/- Rs. 5,470/-
Performance Bonus Rs. 65,000/- Rs. 5,417/-
Total Gross CTC Rs. 4,12,052/- Rs. 34,338/-

Please Note:-
1. Retirals are not encashable.
2. Staff loan benefits are not encashable. The figure indicated is the Staff loan value as and when availed. Staff loans will be applicable as per the eligibility and terms of the employment.
3. Performance bonus is indicative and the figure displayed corresponds to the highest performance rating. 
  • Subject to your being a confirmed employee
  • Final performance bonus received is subject to the individual’s performance and the organization’s performance & compensation policies in effect.
4. CTC is based on current level of compensation
5. CTC is based on the lowest levels of HRA, hence the actual CTC will change based on the final location of posting.