Compared to a regular MBA program that graduate candidates opt for, the Axis Bank Young Bankers program offers the following clear benefits; Assured job, Lesser duration, Earn and learn and Education is work oriented.

An easy comparison is given below:

  Other MBA Program Young Bankers Program
Fee 3.50 Lakhs + taxes 3.29 Lakhs + taxes
Duration 2 years 1 year
Earning potential during the program NONE Stipend is paid all throughout the course
Application of education Large portions are theory with less application in workplace Entirely work oriented course structure, with practical inputs
Assured Job NONE Provisional Appointment given at course start itself, assuring employment after successful completion of course
Salary after the course 3-4 Lakhs Rs. 4.12 lakhs
Education Loan Benefit Education Loan to be taken at market rate (14-17%) rate of interest Subsidised Education Loan at 13% rate of interest and Moratorium Period of 18 months.