• Compared to a regular MBA, Axis Bank’s Young bankers program is a 1-year course which offers Stipend during the course.
  • Young Bankers program has a work oriented course structure with practical inputs that makes your learning journey enriching
  • One of the outcomes of successfully completing the Young Bankers program is a job placement opportunity with Axis Bank
  • Young Bankers Program equips you with the required skill sets and knowledge for a seamless transition from campus to corporate

Testimonials from our Alumni

“In my initial years at Axis bank, I was part of one of the larger branches. In my role, handling clearing of a volume of around 800 cheques was a challenging task. However, I learnt a lot from the operations head and the branch head and they were my mentors. Axis is my first job and my journey with Axis has taught me perseverance and has helped develop my leadership skills.”
-Young banker from batch 08 - Joined in 2016 - Promoted to Deputy Manager in 2018 and to Manager in 2020

“My first posting was at one of the largest branches in India. In my role then, I got to handle critical and sensitive areas.  The diversity of work in the branch gave a boost to my Axis journey. After being instrumental in handling complexities of the branch, I feel motivated to participate and continue contributing the same way to the growth of the bank.”
- Young banker from batch 06 - Joined in 2014 - Promoted to Deputy Manager in 2017, Manager in 2019 and to Senior Manager in 2021

“The program was well structured and helped me enhance my skills and develop my personality. My experiences were unique like Live case studies on present customer dealing and problem solving. The environment of the academy was absolutely great, and apart from academics I participated in events like seminars, quizzes, group discussions”
- Young banker from batch 07 - Joined in 2015 - Promoted to Deputy Manager in 2017, Manager in 2019 and to Senior Manager in 2021

“ABYBP is a platform that allows you to get a deep knowledge of all the banking processes, guidelines etc. which helps one understand the day-to-day banking activities. My journey from campus to an Assistant Manager to Sr. Manager was amazing and it involved a lot of hard work and discipline.”
-Young banker from batch 02 - Joined in 2013

“My Journey in Axis so far has been great. Being from a engineering background the things I learned in the campus has helped me a lot in understanding financial documents. Each and everything that we learned in the campus has helped me grow in the organization. The Young Banker program has helped me in many ways - Sales Skill, Customer service, Customer interaction, Banks policy and products, Study of Financial documents ”
-Young banker from batch 07 - Joined in 2015

“It was a great journey from campus to corporate banking. Thanks to our mentors during ABYB program, who made me future ready. With their guidance I was able to capitalize on my academic success into professional success”
-Young banker from batch 14 - Joined in 2020

“Axis Bank Young Banker program gives brilliant opportunity for students who want to grow their career in the banking industry. Axis Bank work culture is very pleasant, and it also helps an individual to learn and grow in his/her career journey”
- Young banker from batch 15 - Joined in 2020